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Dress and Tux Rental... Lets get it right.

There are so many Dress and Tux shops in Las Vegas, it's hard to know who will give you the best deal and treat you right. We hear so many good and bad stories about different places that it's hard to know who really does perform however, one company who always appears to get it right according to our Bride and Grooms is Tuxedo Express and Creative Bridal Wear. They are located just minutes from the strip we understand that the mother daughter team, Kelly and Britney, who run the store are incredibly welcoming, helpful and friendly, with a very impressive range of Wedding Dresses and Tux's which will ensure you both look stunning on your big day. The couple in our photo planned a very last minute wedding which meant they needed their outfits fast. This was the second couple we had in the same weekend who spoke so highly of Tuxedo Express and Creative Bridal Wear and i'm sure you will agree that they both looked stunning on their Las Vegas Wedding Day! +1 702 586-2281 or +1 866 544-1686

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