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Happy New Year!!!!

What a week we've had! Every Las Vegas hotel must have been bursting at the seems over the Holiday season and nothing has been busier, espcially over New Years Eve and New Years Day than the Las Vegas Wedding scene... The Las Vegas Wedding Wagon was completely booked out over New Years with the Reverands burning rubber all over town to endure that they received the Chapel, Las Vegas Sign, Freemont Street or private Wedding of their dreams whilst welcoming in the new year! To ensure that we didn't leave anyone dissapointed, the Reverends even agreed to continue carrying out ceremonies well after closing hours which saw a local Las Vegas couple married at a friends house party, surrounded by their fantastic and surprised friends! However, when the groom origionally gave us the wrong house number, the lady across the street almost fainted when we arrived at her front door, LoL.. 2013 ended strong for us, with our new, young and dynamic reverends joining us, our acceptance onto Trip Advisor and 2014 should be a great year for the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. We have some exciting news in the next few days of an amazing partnership ensuring that we can provide more couples the chance to be married in even more stunning wedding venues. We have enjoyed every moment of every fantastic Las Vegas Wedding we have officiated in 2013 and can't wait to make so many more people happy in 2014. Happy New Year to you all!!!

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