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Jan 2nd 2014 - The day of Secret Las Vegas Weddings!

There was certainly secrecy in the air today on the Las Vegas Wedding Scene as every fantastic couple we married today had eloped to Las Vegas for a secret wedding, without warning to family and friends back home! I suppose that this is what Vegas Weddings are famous for so it should be expected however I don't think we have ever before had a day where 100% of ceremonies had eloped. No doubt there will be some disappointed family and friends as they break the news over the next week but the wedding day should be about the couple and each ceremony was personal and meaningful to the couples; it was clear to see that the choice was the right one for them! We had so much fun with all of the couples today, especially our giggling British friends who we married under the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign this afternoon!​

Congratulations to all of the couples we met today :D

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