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What a Summer!

It's hard to believe that we're just days away from the fall and winter Holidays that will finish-out 2013. We often scratch our heads and wonder: How does the time fly by so fast!? Well, in the world of Las Vegas Weddings, summer is the absolute busiest time of year. Hence our lack of blog posts!

Most weeks, we were lucky to even get a quick Facebook post out there. =] However, we were able to start our own little hashtag tradition with #wedwagwed. You can learn more and check it out at:

Summer 2013 was definitely a whirlwind for the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon...

We celebrated one year of bringing fun, mobile weddings to a town once known only for its chapels. We partnered with the amazing Tahiti Village to bring even more great location options to our couples. But, most importantly, we got the chance to meet so many amazing people from all over the world. We got to hear incredible stories of love and reconnection... travel and adventure... laughter and fun... new beginnings and incredible celebreations (including our first-ever 50th-Year Renewal Ceremony!).

As is often the case when we look back on all we've done, it's the couples that make the biggest difference and who are the real spirit of the Wedding Wagon.

As the temps start to drop (finally!), and we enter one of the best weather times of the year in Las Vegas, we are excited to find out who we will meet next. We'll also endeavor to keep our blog going more faithfully!

-Rev. Andy & Rev. James

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