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Our First Las Vegas Wedding Wagon Blog!

Yes, we know blogging is not something new. But it's new to us! And we couldn't be happier to start sharing fun posts about the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. So how do we get this party started? Maybe with a little trip down memory lane...

OK - so it's been just 10 months or so, but as we rapidly approach one year in business we can't believe the incredible ride it's been so far! When we first decided to dive head-first into the Las Vegas wedding scene, we really had no idea what to expect. Would people really be willing to come and see this food truck meets Las Vegas wedding chapel experiment on wheels? And, more importantly, would anyone tie the knot this way!?

The answer, it appears, is a resounding "yes." Over 1,200 ceremonies to date. Over 1,000 likes on Facebook. Over 20,000 miles driven (and counting!). Best of Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 2013. As the milestones keep stacking up, we're in absolute awe. And not just because of the ride it's been... What amazes us most is the incredible couples we've met from all over the world... the amazing love stories... the 20-, 30- and 40-year Renewal of Vow ceremonies we've been honored to officiate... the fact that Las Vegas weddings are, by our measure, some of the most touching and meaningful we've even seen. We are continually humbled by the sincerity, true love and special bonds that our couples allow us to be part of.

And so, with a hat tip to all of our couples past and future we inaugurate the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon blog with a big, heartfelt "Thank You!"

All the best, Rev. Andy and Rev. James


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