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Why choose the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon?

Innovative. Award-Wining. Fun and easy. These are just a few of the reasons why the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon is like no other wedding experience! In a city known as the wedding capital of the world, our service was the first in Las Vegas to put matrimony in motion. Whether you're planning a legal marriage, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony, the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon is ready to deliver your Happily Ever After in a special and unforgettable way you won't find anywhere else!

I've seen other mobile wedding companies online; what makes the Wedding Wagon different?

For starters, no one else in Las Vegas has a true mobile chapel! Dressed with purple curtains, an LED-lit altar and cascading flowers, the Wedding Wagon is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! And although using the Wagon is not required for your ceremony, we still bring its spirit to every ceremony, even when meeting on-foot at countless fabulous Las Vegas locations. We also keep things super-simple for our couples, from your booking (with our convenient online reservation system) to your photos (delivered via personalized online gallery).  With the Wedding Wagon, there's no waiting to hear back from your email or phone call to see what's available on the dates you want.  Plus, your personalized online photo gallery will make choosing and sharing photos of your special day easy - no fumbling with CDs or memory cards just to see the photos you own! Best of all, our officiants are committed to providing the Wedding Wagon's unique brand of fun and meaning for your ceremony, instead of using a network of part-time officiants that actually work for other chapels or wedding companies. We're excited to have created a whole new way to celebrate your special day in Las Vegas and can't wait to meet you!

Is it really just $129 for a wedding?

For our strip ceremonies, absolutely! The Las Vegas Wedding Wagon is easy, fun, mobile and affordable for elopements and small weddings! We do offer a few out of hours times slot on selected dates at a small premium, as well as some sequence/unique dates which also come at a premium price. We also don't make promises of "free" services (like transportation), that other chapels must disclaim as being "not guaranteed" and carry the requirement of paying a fixed cash fee for these services. The only other cost is for legal ceremonies - couples must first obtain a Marriage License ($102) from the Marriage Bureau located in downtown Las Vegas. Some locations carry a higher cost due only to permitting, entrance fees and/or travel time requirements. Our package includes a non-religious script that the minister will read, please do not prepare a script for the minister to read as this is a bespoke service which isn't included in our standard packages. 

How long is the ceremony?

Your appointment time will be 30 minutes unless otherwise stated in your Full Confirmation from our office.  This includes the ceremony itself, which is a non-religious service, as well as time taking photos and reviewing paperwork.

Where can the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon meet me?

Unlike other services in town that offer limited outdoor locations, we offer couples the opportunity to make the city their chapel!  Click here to see photos of some of our most popular locations.
Please note, we are unable to perform ceremonies inside casinos, hotel lobbies, malls and/or their paid attractions. We are primarily an outdoor wedding company so if it's under the roof of one of the resorts, we cannot have your ceremony there. However, we are absolutely able to perform your ceremony in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room or suite. Please also note, locations more than 10 miles from the Strip (intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo) require two adjacent reservations and calling or emailing our office in order to make the necessary arrangements. 
Though a location may also be outside of a hotel and casino, such as the Waterfall at the Wynn or the Bridges/Canals at the Venetian, these locations may not be suitable for our service as some casinos also own their sidewalks and can be hostile to outside vendors. We are, however, happy to take photo's at these locations should you be staying at either hotel and hold your ceremony in your room or as part of a photo tour. 

Can the Wedding Wagon pick me up and take me to my desired location?

We do not provide transportation - it's one way we keep our costs so affordable. Luckily, Las Vegas is an easy city to get around whether by taxi, limo, monorail or bus/tour bus. Plus, most of our most popular locations are centrally located and within easy walking distance from most major resorts. Please also be aware that some wedding companies offer transportation, but do not have the appropriate licensing to do so.  If you are unsure, be sure to ask them for their CPCN number.

What photos are included?

We typically take 50-100 photos of each ceremony, which are then lightly digitally photo-finished (one by one!) at our office to enhance colors, minimize shadows and make every moment shine. Though we do lightly edit the pictures to ensure light and color balance, etc we do not provide photoshop services. Most chapels in Las Vegas just hand you a CD or memory card with your candid, untouched photos and leave the work to you!  Be wary of "professionals" that treat your special day this way. Once we've perfected your photos, they are uploaded within 5 working days (additional Express Photo Service available) to an online, password-protected gallery.  The first fifteen photos you choose are included, and you may purchase additional photos for just $2.99 each. All photos are then delivered digitally via email for you to print, Facebook or forward to friends and family.  We also archive all photos so your memories will always be safe.

Do I need a marriage license?

For a legal ceremony, you will need to obtain a marriage license from Clark County. We cannot use a marriage license from a different state. A marriage license is not needed for renewal of vows or commitment ceremonies.

How do I obtain a marriage license?

For all legal ceremonies, a marriage license must first be obtained from the Clark County Marriage Licensing Bureau located at 201 E. Clark Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155, (702) 671-0600. For Express Service, you can complete an Online Marriage License form by clicking here. After completing the online form, you'll come to town and take your reference number and required ID to an express window at the Marriage Bureau. Both the bride and groom must appear in person to obtain the license, which costs $77 USD.

Do I need a witness?

A witness is actually included with every ceremony, so that's one more thing you won't have to worry about on your big day! If you are traveling with friends or family, one of them can serve as your witness if desired.

Is there a limit to how many people can be in my party?

For strip locations we limit the guest count to 10 guests, if your guest count does exceed 10 please contact us to discuss and we may be able to accommodate for an additional fee, we would expect our team to also be tipped appropriately with a group exceeding 10.  We will not exceed 10 at any strip location, other than Fremont St, the Vegas Sign or a private rented venue.  We will discuss on an individual basis, groups larger than 20 at the aforementioned locations subject to additional fees, which may exceed 100% the total of your original package. If your guest count exceeds the guest limit after you have placed your reservation and is no longer appropriate, and you are unwilling to hold your ceremony at a location which is suitable, this does not warrant suitable course for a refund, as we will still be happy to honor the original service agreement you have paid for. With Park weddings we are happy to accommodate groups larger than 20; feel free to call or email to learn more when choosing that perfect place to discuss additional fees, or whether the location you would like is suitable.  

Please also note, there is a limit of 20 guests for Chapels and Resorts (additional fees apply for larger groups), a limit of 8 guests for Ash Springs at Red Rock Canyon, a limit of 20 guests at Red Springs at Red Rock Canyon and a limit of 15 people for The Springs Preserve., inc the couple to be married

We do adhere to all of our guest limits for each package and do ask that you respectfully do the same. Arriving at your appointment with more guests than stated or trying to hide additional guests, will result in your ceremony being cancelled without refund, please do not put our teams in any unnecessary awkward situations. 

Can I bring/use my own camera?

Absolutely you may! Some of our couples have even used their smart phones to Skype-in friends and family members that couldn't make it! We also offer video recording of ceremonies at certain locations. Please enquire about this service by contacting us to discuss. Though we are happy for your friends/family to take pictures with their cameras we ask them to be respectful whilst photos are being taken. We will also not use your camera or your SD card, though the team will be happy to take a picture or two on your camera or phone so that you can send to Family and Friends. 

We do not generally work with outside professional photographers or videographers, although are happy to discuss this option prior to booking. If you arrive at your ceremony with an outisde photographer without prior discussion this may result in the Minister refusing service without refund. 

Will you work with my Photographer?

As above, We do not generally work with outside professional photographers or videographers in any of our standard packages. If you reserve one of our packages and arrive at your ceremony with an outside photographer without prior discussion this may result in the Minister refusing service without refund. It is not always suitable for photographers which we are not familiar with to work with us in certain locations. 
If you have your heart set on a specific photographer we are always happy to discuss the suitability of this, however this  bespoke service may be subject to additional fees or terms of service.  Please contact us to discuss prior to making a reservation. 

Are gratuities included?

Gratuities are not included in the price of your ceremony, however it is customary to tip your reverend in Las Vegas and it is certainly appreciated by our Reverends for a job well done. If you enjoyed your ceremony, gratuity is very much appreciated and it is typical that we receive gratuity between $60 and $120. Gratuities do vary depending on the service you have booked, we usually receive a higher gratuity for the premium services. Guidelines on average gratuities received can be found in your full confirmation. 

Do you offer Minister Only? 

We are always happy to consider "Minister Only" services, however this would be offered at a premium which may range from a fixed gratuity to a complete bespoke price. The $129 package can not be booked as an alternative to a bespoke minister only service. Please contact us to discuss any bespoke needs prior to making a reservation. 

What if I need to adjust or cancel my reservation?

No problem! If you need to choose a different date or time after booking your initial reservation, just let us know 24 hours in advance and we'll happily book a new reservation, per availability. There is no fee for re-booking! If you must cancel a reservation, please note:

- Refunds are not available for cancellations received once we have confirmed your booking.

- Cancellation must be received in writing via email.

- We are more than happy to change the location, time and date of your ceremony, subject to availability, providing your new choice   does not exceed the cost of your original booking. 

- You may transfer your booking to a friend or family member.

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